[時事英文] US Protests: Week of Outrage

員警歧視的子彈,再也擋不住抗議的狂濤駭浪! 老師自寫自錄的時事英文新聞,希望幫助大家更了解時事英文!

1. police brutality 警方暴行 
2. die at the hands of… 喪生於…的手中 
3. choke… 使…窒息 
4. fatally shot 槍殺
5. fatal shooting 致命性的射擊 
6. die from 因(意外)而死
7. gunshots 槍擊 
8. criminal charges 起訴 
9. gunshot wounds 槍傷
10. critically wounded 傷勢嚴重
11. disorderly conduct 妨礙公共治安 
12. be fatally injured 身受重傷
13. face charges 遭到指控
14. witnesses 目擊證人 
15. testify to the grand jury 對陪審團提出證實 
16. eyewitness testimony 目擊者的證詞 
17. Rashomon effect 羅生門
18. launched an investigation 發起調查行動
19. misconduct or discrimination 行為不檢或歧視 
20. grand jury 陪審團 
21. decline to indict the police officer 拒絕起訴該名警員
22. candle light vigil 燭光守夜 
23. make shift memorial of flowers and candles 以花朵及燭火為死者臨時成立的紀念物 
24. minorities 少數族群 
25. racism 種族歧視 
26. prejudice 偏見 
27. racist comments 種族歧視意謂的言論
28. civil rights 公民權利 
29. civil disobedience 公民抗命 
30. rallying chants 團結一致的叫喊聲,口號
31. protests 抗議 
32. wave of protest 抗議聲浪 
33. civil disorder 民眾騷動 
34. peaceful protests 和平抗爭 
35. white police officers 白人警察 
36. race riots 種族糾紛引起的暴動
37. turn violent 轉為暴力
38. declare unlawful 宣告違法 
39. released without bond 無罪釋放 
40. failure to comply 不遵守 
41. resisting arrest 拒捕 
42. social unrest 社會動亂
43. vandalism 蓄意破壞 
44. looting 趁火打劫 
45. looters 劫掠者 
46. rioting 暴動 
47. arson 縱火
48. face charges of assault, burglary, and theft 面臨侵犯他人、入室搶劫及竊盜等罪名指控 
49. rioters broke into and looted 暴徒闖入和搶劫
50. police militarization 警方武力軍事化 
51. declare a state of emergency 宣佈進入緊急狀況 
52. call in the national guards 呼叫國家鎮暴部隊 
53. riot gear 防暴裝備 
54. disperse the crowd 驅散群眾 
55. fired tear gas and rubber bullets 發射催淚瓦斯及橡皮子彈 
56. seeking criminal prosecution 尋求刑事訴訟 
57. tear gas 催淚瓦斯 
58. video footage 錄影畫面 
59. freedom of the press 新聞自由 
60. a large coalition of media and press freedom groups 大型的媒體及新聞自由聯盟 
61. implement nightly curfews 實施夜間宵禁 
62. help restore peace and order 協助恢復和平及秩序 
63. this cycle of violence 惡性循環 
64. tyranny 暴政


Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice, three African-Americans who have recently died at the hands of white police officers, have become the rallying chants of protesters in the US demanding police reforms.

The first wave of protests began the day following the fatal shooting of Chris Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man, by a police officer in the state of Missouri on August 9, 2014. The protests soon turned violent in the subsequent weeks with hundreds of people being arrested for arson, looting, and vandalism.The governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency and called in the national guards in an effort to maintain order. However, violent riots once again erupted late November, when a grand jury declined to indict the white officer who fatally shot Brown. Thousands of people in more than 170 US cities rallied to protest the grand jury’s decision. Protests also took place internationally, with demonstrations held in several major cities in Canada and the United Kingdom.

The latest wave of protests took place last week in New York, San Francisco, Boston and other cities after a grand jury announced it had declined to indict the police officer who fatally choked Eric Garner, another unarmed African American who died at the hands of a white police officer in New York on July 17, 2014. A police officer put Garner in a chokehold after he argued with the officer over the suspected sale of illegal cigarettes. Garner was pronounced dead approximately one hour later at the hospital.

Protesters are also marching over the death of Tamir Rice, an African American teenager at the age of 12, in Ohio. Rice was fatally shot by a police officer on November 22 after allegedly reaching for a toy gun in his waistband. The police officer fired two shots within two seconds of arriving on the scene, hitting Rice once in the torso. Rice died on the day after the shooting.

Most of the thousands currently protesting in the US have peacefully marched through streets, sometimes blocking traffic or laying silently on sidewalks, mall floors, and college campuses. More protests are planned this week, including a march in Washington, D.C. Saturday to pressure Congress to hold hearings and pass laws that will better protect minorities from police brutality.


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