[詞彙Q&A] at the end 和 in the end 的區別

「at the end in the end tunnel;」的圖片搜尋結果
“in the end" 是一個 adverbial/prepositional phrase,意思是最終 (finally)。

-He tried his best but, in the end, he still failed the difficult exam.
-We waited for him for hours but he never showed up. In the end, we left without him.
-She complained about her food to the manager so, in the end, she didn’t have to pay.

at the end 是指一個地方的盡頭,一個時間的盡頭,或者一個東西的最尾部份。

英文會寫成 at the end of (something)。

表physical location:
1. at the end of the road (路的盡頭)*
2. at the end of the bridge (橋的盡頭)
3. at the end of the tunnel (隧道的盡頭)

* the end of the road / the end of the line
Fig. the end of the whole process.

When we reach the end of the road on this project, we’ll get paid. You’ve come to the end of the line. I’ll not lend you another penny.

表metaphorical end比喻性的結尾:
1. at the end of the movie (電影的結尾)
2. at the end of the song (歌曲的尾聲)

表一段時間的尾聲 (the end point of a period of time):
1. at the end of the week (週末)
2. at the end of the month (月末)
3. at the end of the year (年末)

-We said goodbye to our classmates at the end of the school year.
-They’re going shopping at the end of the week.
-Keep walking and you’ll see our house at the end of the road.








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