[詞彙 Q and A] base on, based on 和 on the basis of 的區別



1. base on (active 主動) 基於; 根據

-Climatologists always base their predictions about climate change on computer simulations.


2. be based on (passive 被動) 把…建立在某種基礎上

You can also say that “something is based on something” – this is the passive.

我們也可以使用base on的被動態—be based on,即A是基於B而來的。

-Our conclusion is based on these findings.
-The results are based on data from the over 10,000 trial participants.


In sum, there are two ways of using “base on” – active or passive.
總之,base on可以有兩種用法——主動和被動。
There is no such phrase as “on the base of” or “basing on”.
另外,沒有“on the base of” 或是“basing on”這種用法。


3. on the basis of 以……的基礎

-On the basis of the documentation you sent us, we believe your claim is true.

Difference between “based on" and “on the basis of":

“based on" modifies a noun
“on the basis of" modifies a verb

Something can be based on something else–that is, “based on" is adjectival; it modifies a noun:

-Discrimination (n.) based on disability (adjectival phrase) is illegal as well as unjust.

-These guidelines (n.) are based on our experience (adjectival phrase).

-The movie (n.) is based on a novel (adjectival phrase).


In contrast, we do something on the basis of something else–that is, “on the basis of" is adverbial; it modifies a verb:

-He was denied permission (verb phrase) on the basis of his criminal record (adverbial phrase).

-Rates are adjusted annually (verb phrase) on the basis of the market index (adverbial phrase).

-They have been ranked (verb phrase) on the basis of their performance (adverbial phrase).

Mini Quiz:
Fill in the blanks with “based on," “base on," or “on the basis of."

1. He was hired __________ his experience.
2. The plan was decided __________ our budget.
3. Stop discrimination __________ sex.
4. He always __________ his opinions on facts.



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