[詞彙Q&A] and 和 as well as 的區別


(1) and 主要指「和」或「也」,例如:
-He and his mother were here. 他和他母親曾在這裏。
-He was cold and hungry. 他又冷又餓。

(2) as well as 有時雖也可指「和」,但其深層意思常為「除…之外,也…」,例如:
-On Sundays, his landlady provided dinner as well as breakfast. 逢星期天,女房東除了早飯外,還供應晚餐。

-He has experience as well as knowledge. 他不但有知識,而且有經驗。

一般而言,在A as well as B 結構中,意義重點在於A。因此,上一句的意義重點在於experience;但中文譯出則次序倒過來,「而且有經驗」中的「經驗」才是句子的意義重點所在。

The conjunction “as well as" differs from “and" in two important ways.

1. “As well as" acts like the correlative conjunction “not only…but also," putting an unequal emphasis on the items it joins. The item following as well as has less emphasis than the item before it:

– The service was prompt as well as efficient [The emphasis is on prompt.]

2. While “and" can join several items, the conjunction as well as by itself cannot connect more than two. If we add the third item to the series, we have to use the conjunction “and" between two of the items. We can do this in various ways:

A. Use “and" by itself to join the whole series, putting an equal emphasis on all three adjectives:

-The service was prompt, courteous and efficient.

B. Use “and" with “as well as," putting less emphasis on the item(s) that appear after as well as:

-The service was prompt and courteous as well as efficient.[The emphasis is on prompt and courteous.]

-The service was prompt as well as courteous and efficient. [The emphasis is on prompt.]

“as well as" comma usage: http://www.grammarly.com/handbook/punctuation/comma/37/as-well-as-comma/

(4) and和as well as 文法上也是有區別的:



心智圖詞彙攻略: https://bit.ly/31rvaFL





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