Eric老師多年來全心投入英文教育,編書和教書經歷豐富,編寫20多本教育部審定的幼教、國小、國中、高中教科書以及留學考試書刊,同時曾經在各國立和私立的大學 (SCU, NYMU, NTNU, USC) 任教也在ETS 和英國文化協會 (British Council-IELTS Taiwan) 擔任顧問和講師。

Eric老師也擅長英文聽說讀寫教學、課程設計、和提供教師研習,經常受邀至兩岸三地各校演講,向學生與老師分享英文學習技巧、美國文化、和學測、多益、托福、雅思各程度的英文測驗的學習方式以與設計原則。在同時老師也創辦了Eric’s English Lounge—5萬個粉絲的英文學習粉絲團,提供豐富的英語學習資源。除此之外,老師也在廣播、網路的英文平台,擔任教育顧問,提供英文學習與教育者專業的諮詢。

As a curriculum writer with 15 years of experience in the English education system of Taiwan, I have published over 20 textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education. As a lecturer, I have taught students ranging from undergraduates to top policymakers, providing language education and training to students, teachers, and administrators in Taiwan.

In 2012, I entered the language assessment industry and joined Howard Overseas Study Center, Taiwan’s second-largest private language center with a peak annual enrollment of over one thousand students. Becoming the center’s Director of Teaching and Learning in 2014 and CEO in 2015, I established the center’s academic English, IELTS and GRE programs, and streamlined its pre-existing TOEFL system.

Since 2016, I have shifted my focus toward educational consulting, advising global organizations such as ETS-Taiwan and educational tech firms such as Voicetube and MandarinX-edX. I have also continued to work with the British Council-Taiwan, helping it further promote its pro bono community English programs. In my free time, I run an an English education page for over 50,000 subscribers.

Eric’s English Lounge’s Vision & Mission 宗旨與目標:

  • 英屬哥倫比亞大學博士生 (UBC EdD) 
  • 南加大教育碩士 (USC MAT)
  • 肯特州立大學 TEFL 證書 (Kent State TEFL)
  • 加州大學聖地牙哥學士 (UCSD BA)

  • Eric’s English Lounge 創辦人
  • VoiceTube 教育顧問
  • 英國文化協會雅思講師/專家 
  • 曾任ETS 台灣官方講師和顧問 
  • 曾任南加大OIS英文老師
  • 曾任留學中心教務主任和總經理
  • 曾任東吳大學英文系講師
  • 曾任國立陽明大學寫作教師
  • 曾任師範大學英語文教學中心老師
  • 龍騰高中英文教科書 (國家教育研究院審閱) 特約編輯
  • 國中及國小英文 (教育部審定版) 教科書主編
  • TOEFL 120/120:
  • IELTS 9/9:
  • 學生心得:


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