VT Speaking Challenge 7: Getting Things Done (把事情做完)

Vocabulary Challenge 7: https://tw.voicetube.com/everyday/20190501

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Hello, VoiceTubers! Welcome to today’s pronunciation and academic vocab challenge! My name is Eric, your resident English teacher, and today, let’s talk about getting things done!

I have to admit. I sometimes get sidetracked. Sometimes, it is just so hard to get things done because there are just so many distractions! We might also procrastinate when a project looks very difficult. So what should we do? How can we get things done?

For me, I would always write down what I want to do, break it down into steps, do research, and try to finish the project one step at a time. If the project is too big for one person, then find a team. planning, determination, and collaboration are the keys to success, at least for me.

So, what words do you think of when you see the title “How to get things done?”

Write down a plan? Break projects up into little steps? Or, procrastination?

Ok, let’s move onto our sentence of the day!

If you want to be a ninja at getting things done, you need a system.


at ving?

Think of it as “good at something"

good at baseball
good at drawing

Here, you are essentially substituting “good" with “a ninja."
He is a master at (activity).


So let’s say this sentence again.

If you want to be a ninja at getting things done, you need a system.


If you want to be a ninja at getting things done, you need a system.

OK, where’s the stress? Ninja? Get? System?

What are the possible thought groups?

If you want to be a ninja / at getting things done, / you need a system.

What are the intonations?

So let’s read that one more time with basic low-rise intonation. Low-rise might sound more uncertain, fall-rise might sound more certain, authoritative like an angry parent.

If you want to be a ninja / at getting things done, / you need a system.

Do you want to go over grammar? This is called a zero conditional.

零條件句中,兩個子句都是用現在簡單式。 零條件句是用來陳述實際的情況,一般論及真理,好比科學現象。在這些句子中,時間是指現在或任何時候,而情況是實際且可能的。零條件句時常被用在給予指令,在主要子句會用命令/期使句。

If you want to come, call me before 5:00.

零條件句: http://www.taiwantestcentral.com/grammar/Title.aspx?ID=590

OK, let’s take a break!

So we talked about sentence stress, word stress, and stress-timing, thought groups, intonation, and even grammar. Now’ let’s take a break.

Do you often do projects? I have been working for a long time and I have been responsible for doing multiple projects and managing teams. My first suggestion to you before you do a project is to have a clear goal in mind. Sure, this goal can change down the road when you do research but at least have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. I usually pick goals that make the greatest use of my strong points but you can always challenge yourself.

Another important tip is that working with a group of people is a lot more effective than trying to do everything on your own. If you have a clear goal and can manage, then working with a group of people can save you so much time. Also, a person is usually not good at everything so having people who are good at different things can help you accomplish your goals and finish your project faster. Yes, it is difficult to work with others or manage people sometimes; however, great things are almost always accomplished by groups of people and not just one person.

I also suggest having knowledge of diverse fields and specializing in one or two, focusing on your strengths. Having diverse knowledge in multiple domains is necessary for our world today, especially when you want to create a product. Just look at the class I am opening with VT, I am the teacher but I need artists, marketing, accountants, and editors to complete it. If I did not have at least some knowledge in these domains then how can I manage and ensure the quality of work? I might have a great class but poor marketing, and I would never be able to gather enough funding to open this class. Yes, it is important to be a specialist but having at least basic knowledge at multiple domains is essential!

  Now, let’s go back to English learning and over some additional words:

Word Form
1. random

happening, done, or chosen by chance rather than according to a plan


random checks/tests/attacks

We asked a random sample/selection of people what they thought.


at random -> phrase, used after a verb

without definite aim, purpose, method, or adherence to a prior arrangement; in a haphazard way:

Contestants were chosen at random from the audience.


2. overwhelmed

to defeat someone or something by using a lot of force (用武力)制服,擊敗,征服

The Romans were overwhelmed by the army. 羅馬軍隊被對方軍隊(用武力)

制服,擊敗 to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotion (強烈的感情)充溢,使難以承受,使不知所措。 be overwhelmed by something (adj.)

be overwhelmed with something (adj.)

3. systematic

 according to an agreed set of methods or organized plan


a systematic way/method


We’ve got to be more systematic in the way that we approach this task.我們完成這項任務的時候應該更有條理一些。

disapproving We’re hearing reports of the systematic torture of prisoners.我們聽到一些報道提及囚犯們受到蓄意的折磨。

4. brainstorm
verb [ I or T ](of a group of people) to suggest a lot of ideas for a future activity very quickly before considering some of them more carefully 自由討論,集思廣益,腦力震盪 brainstorm solutions/ideas 


The team got together to brainstorm (the project).組員們聚集在一起(就這個企劃)集思廣益。








5. series

plural series

a number of similar or related events or things, one following another

a series of  something

She gave a series of lectures last year on contemporary British writers.


6. procrastination

formal to delay doing something that you ought to do, usually because you do not want to do it


People often procrastinate when it comes to paperwork.



OK, this video is a bit easier, but it serves as a good review of most of the ideas we talked about in the past 6 lessons. Keep up the good work and I will see you next week! 

This week, the recommended video is the procrastination song. Check out the video and hope you can stop procrastinating!

Song of the week:





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