Study Plan 讀書計劃

While I did mention in numerous videos how to effectively study for our class, I think it would be beneficial for students to see the steps here.


M-F 週一到週五

Morning 早上: 30-40 min

Before you watch the mind map videos, first take about 20 minutes in the morning to go over each lesson’s electronic mind map. Circle words you do not recognize and mark connections you do not understand. If you have more time, spend about another 20 minutes going over the vocabulary words on Quizlet. The words are mostly from the electronic mind map. You can even mark words and phrases you are not familiar with. The first time you go over the words, use the “Flashcard” and “Learn” functions on Quizlet. You can use other modes the second and third time you go over the words.

在你觀看心智圖課程影片之前,首先大約需要20分鐘瀏覽每節課程的電子心智圖。圈出你無法識別的單詞和你不理解的連接。如果你有更多的時間,請再花20分鐘瀏覽Quizlet上的詞彙。這些詞彙主要來自電子心智圖。你甚至可以標記你不熟悉的單詞和片語。第一次瀏覽單詞時,請使用Quizlet上的“Flashcard”和“ Learn”功能。你可以在第二次和第三次學習單詞時使用其他模式。


Noon 中午: 30-40 min

Review the words on Quizlet, focusing on the ones you are most unfamiliar with. Try the “Test” mode or just use “Learn” if you do not have time. Then, take out your mind map and review the words again. See if you can pronounce the words, make sentences with them, and connect them to other words.



Night 晚上: 1.5-2 Hours

Watch one lesson per night. Take out a piece of paper and draw the mind map with me. Say the words with me and repeat them. Listen again if you are not sure about the pronunciation, meaning, or the usage of the words. You can pause the video at any time if you feel I am speaking too quickly. After you are done drawing the mind map for one lesson, try to connect the words mentally and say them aloud.


Watch the lesson review. After 2-3 phrases, you can pause the video and try to make the same connection between the words in your own way. If you are not sure how to do so, refer to my lesson transcript. You do NOT need to follow me word for word. Try not to use the lesson transcript on the first try. On your second try, try to connect 4+ phrases. Last, review the lesson transcript and circle any phrase you are not familiar with. Review the script the next morning.

觀看課程回顧。在2-3個詞組之後,你可以暫停影片,並嘗試以自己的方式在單詞之間建立相同的聯繫。如果不確定如何操作,請參閱我的Lesson Review逐字稿。過程中你不需要一字一句地跟著我,意思到了就可以。不要在第一次嘗試時就使用Lesson Review逐字稿。第二次嘗試時,嘗試連接4個以上的詞組。最後,查看Lesson Review逐字稿並圈出你不熟悉的短語。第二天早上可以複習逐字稿,熟練所有的單字,連結和背景知識。

Sat-Sun 週末

Sat 週六: 2 Hours (break up your study session in 30-min chunks)

On Saturday, review all the core lesson units on Saturday by looking through the mind map, doing Quizlet exercises, going over your hand-written mind map, and the lesson review. For extra challenge, see if you can connect all the words verbally using your hand-written mind map.



Sun 週日: 2 Hours (Focus on completing the entire unit review)

On Sunday, do the Unit Review if you are done with the entire unit. If you are not, you can just review the lessons you have done. Once you have finished all the lessons in the unit, do all the exercises in our Unit Review worksheet. The speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises should take you approximately 2 hours to finish. Make sure to check your answers and figure out any question you incorrectly answered. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below.

如果你已完成整個單元,則在周日進行單元聽說讀寫的複習 (Unit Review)。如果還沒完成,則可以複習已完成的課程。完成本單元中的所有課程後,請執行我們的“單元復習”工作表中的所有練習。口說,聽力,閱讀和寫作練習大約需要2個小時才能完成。記得要檢查你的答案,並找出回答錯誤的問題。如有疑問,請在課堂下面的留言版留言。

Overall Pacing 學習進度

A high-intermediate learner could most likely finish one unit each week. Since we have about 24+ units, the class should take you at least 24 weeks to complete. It is perfectly normal to finish the course in 48 weeks, but make sure you keep the schedule you make. After completing the class, you can focus on passing standardized assessments like the TOEFL or IELTS. I have already provided free resources for you so please do check them out.



If the course is too difficult for you to even begin, please do go over the free online junior high and high school English courses in our FB group. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time. I am always here for you.



Livestreams 哪一個時候該看直播?You can watch the livestreams at any time. However, it is recommended that you first understand the basic learning steps before watching them. I will also provide more learning livestreams or videos in the future.


Create you own study plan by using this plan as a guide. Adjust your study plan whenever you need. Not all of us can spend 2 hours every day studying English. However, you must be persistent if you want to make progress. Study efficiently and diligently.



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