[時事英文] 新冠肺炎的捐款過程

The most dangerous thing about the coronavirus is our neglect of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.



In a previous post, I promised subscribers that I would donate all proceeds from the indirect sales of a friend’s class (http://bit.ly/3d2c5PV). Because of the recent coronavirus event, I first contacted Taiwan’s CDC to donate (http://bit.ly/38UXthU). After calling multiple times, I was unable to get through and finally wrote them an email. I received a response referring me to an extension.

1. donate all proceeds 捐獻所有收入
2. an extension number 一個分機號碼牌

前一陣子的一篇po文,我向訂閱者承諾將捐獻我於朋友課程的間接收入給慈善機構(http://bit.ly/3d2c5PV)。 由於最近的新冠病毒事件,我首先聯繫了衛福部疾病管制署以進行捐贈(http://bit.ly/38UXthU)。 致電多次未獲接通後我寫了一封電子郵件, 我立即收到一封回复指引我另一個分機。


However, I was informed that the center currently has enough funding because of ample support from the public and a generous budget from the central government. The CDC staff told me that I could make better use of the donation by giving it to local charities supporting the disadvantaged.

3. enough funding 足夠的資金
4. ample support 充分的支持
5. a generous budget 一筆慷慨的預算
6. the central government 中央政府
7. local charities 當地的慈善機構



I then called Taipei government’s hotline (1999) to get more information, but they only accept goods and not monetary donations. I was referred to Social Assistance (6956~58), which in turn referred me to the Secretary Office (6993-6994).

8. hotline 熱線
9. monetary donations 金錢捐贈
10. be referred to 被轉介到
11. in turn 依次的、照順序的

我之後致電台北市政府的熱線想獲取更多資訊,但他們只接受物資而非捐款。 我被轉介到社會救助科(6956〜58),然後再度被轉介到秘書室(6993-6994): http://bit.ly/2QkmXPp


I was told that the Taipei City Government does have services contributing to this cause. They would contact me either later that day or tomorrow.

12. contribute 捐助; 有助於

我被秘書室告知台北市政府確實為此提供了服務。 他們會在當天稍晚或隔天與我聯繫。


A few hours later, they contacted me and told me that I would have to go to the post office and fill out a giro transfer form. I honestly had never heard of a giro transfer prior to this.

Basically, you would have to go to the post office and tell them you need to do a giro transfer. For the “purpose" section, you would write “For Wuhan Coronavirus" and the transfer number is 1889-8514.

I finally found out how to donate after a day of calling. However, after all this research, it is clear that the government is already doing an excellent job handling the coronavirus and currently has sufficient funding.

13. fill out 填寫完(整張申請表或問卷)
14. giro transfer 劃撥捐款*
15. prior to… 在…之前
16. it is clear that… 很清楚…
17. have sufficient funding 有足夠的資金


當天稍晚,他們與我聯繫,並告訴我我需要去郵局填寫劃撥捐款表格。老實說,我之前從未聽說過劃撥捐款。基本上,你需要到郵局,告訴他們你需要劃撥捐款。你可以填寫款項要作為武漢冠狀病毒之用,劃撥號為1889-8514。 我終於發現要如何做到這一點。 但是,經過這些研究,我覺得政府已經做得很好了,目前也擁有足夠的資金。


Thus, I feel perhaps it is more important to care for disadvantaged groups that are often neglected during health crises. After some research, I have decided to donate my proceeds to the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation. They specialize in aiding those in vegetative states and elders who cannot care for themselves.

18. care for disadvantaged groups 關懷弱勢群體
19. a health crisis 健康危機
20. specialize in 專門, 專攻
21. aid (v) 幫助;支持
22. (persistent) vegetative state (持續性)植物狀態

因此,我覺得關懷目前可能被忽視的弱勢群體也許才是最重要的。 經過一番研究,我決定將所得捐給創世社會福利基金會。他們專門幫助那些處於植物人狀態和無法照顧自己的老年人。 這是在危機時期最常被忽視的群體。

創世社會福利基金會: https://www.genesis.org.tw/contents/text?id=18


To keep my word, I have donated a total of 36,321+18,200=54,531 (http://bit.ly/3d46ysg), my entire payment from the class promotion (http://bit.ly/2UdnQKZ) and two months worth of pay from sporadic teaching and speeches (http://bit.ly/2tb821w).

It’s not much compared to donations from celebrities and big companies, but I am only a single individual trying to contribute. This is a significant portion of my monthly income (cry). Some may question why I bother to post such trivial donations on my page. I did it to keep my word to my subscribers and to bring attention to such charities. I am not asking others to donate, but to pay attention to those who need help the most during this pandemic.

23. keep my word 信守我的承諾
24. a significant portion 很大一部分
25. trivial (adj.) 微不足道的,瑣碎的
26. bring attention to 引起對…的關注
27. pandemic (n.) 大流行病

為了兌現我的諾言,我總共捐贈了36,321 + 18,200 = 54531 (http://bit.ly/3d46ysg),這筆錢全部來自於一次課程推廣(http://bit.ly/2UdnQKZ)以及這兩個月的零星教學和演講(http://bit.ly/2tb821w)。 與名人和大公司相比,這算不上什麼,但我只是試圖盡一己之力的人。 這是我每月收入的一大部分(哭)。

有人可能會問為什麼我要在粉專上張貼這樣瑣碎的捐款。 我這樣做是為了對我的訂閱者兌現我的諾言,並引起人們對這個慈善機構的關注。 我並非要求其他人捐款,只是希望能關注那些在疫期最需要幫助的人。


Hunger, poverty, and the lack of care are as dangerous as the coronavirus, and disadvantaged groups need our attention and care more than ever. May we all work to make society a safer, healthier, and happier place.

28. more than ever 比以往更

飢餓、貧窮和缺乏照護與冠狀病毒一樣危險,弱勢群體始終需要我們的關注和照料。 願我們大家努力使社會成為一個更安全、更健康、更幸福的地方。

Image source: http://bit.ly/39VKEFo


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