[時事英文] 國際社會感謝臺灣文大全!

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I. American Institute in Taiwan 美國在臺協會
AIT Director Christensen stopped by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) to personally thank Minister Chen and the CECC team for all their hard work over the past few months. He specially wanted to express appreciation for the generous mask donations that President Tsai announced. These urgently-needed masks will go to front-line medical workers across the United States. Taiwan is a real friend indeed! Taiwan 防疫團隊, jia you!
1. stop by 短暫拜訪
2. personally thank 親自感謝
3. all their hard work 他們所有的辛勤付出
4. express appreciation 表達感謝
5. generous donations 慷慨捐贈
6. frontline medical workers 前線的醫護人員
7. a real friend indeed* 一個真朋友
II. British Office Taipei 英國在臺辦事處
Taiwan’s generous offer to donate surgical masks
President Tsai announced on 1 April that Taiwan will donate 10 million masks to countries currently tackling the Covid-19 crisis, including in Europe and the USA. We are very grateful for Taiwan’s generous offer of surgical masks to the UK among other countries. We look forward to working on further details with the Taiwanese authorities.
8. a generous offer (n.) 慷慨的提議丶主動幫忙
9. announce that… 宣布…
10. tackle (v.) the crisis 對付、解決危機
11. look forward to 期待
12. further details 更進一步的細節
13. the authorities 當局;官方
蔡總統今天(四月一日)上午宣布臺灣將捐贈一千萬片口罩給目前正在抵抗COVID-19疫情的國家,包括歐洲與美國。 英國在臺辦事處非常感謝臺灣慷慨提供醫用口罩給包括英國在內的許多國家。我們期待與臺灣政府單位執行相關後續細節。
III. Bureau Français de Taipei 法國在臺協會
French Association in Taiwan thanks Taiwan for donating medical masks to Europe. BFT thanks Taiwan for the donation of surgical masks to Europe. “All members of the international community must gather strength to overcome challenges together". President Tsai announced a donation of European masks on April 1. France offers the most sincere and deepest thanks to the Taiwan Association!
14. thank someone for something 感謝某人做某事
15. members of the international community 國際社會的成員
16. gather strength 集結力量
17. overcome challenges 克服挑戰
18. the most sincere and deepest thanks最誠摯與最深的感謝
「國際社會的各個成員,必須集結力量、共同克服挑戰」 4月1日蔡總統宣佈捐贈歐洲口罩。法國在臺協會獻上最誠摯的、最深的感謝!
IV. German Institute Taipei 德國在臺協會
The German Institute Taipei thanks the Taiwanese government for this important help at a time when many countries in Europe, including Germany, are fighting with all their might against the COVID-19 epidemic.
The General Director of the German Institute, Dr. Thomas Prinz: “Since the beginning of the crisis, Taiwan has taken a number of very wise measures to prevent the virus’ from spreading domestically. Thanks to the decisive action of the responsible authorities and the cooperation of the population, which has so far been outstanding. Taiwan deserves our respect for this.
The Covid 19 infection has meanwhile developed into a global epidemic, which particularly affects Europe and Germany. Taiwan is now able to make its know-how and specific medical goods available to foreign countries. The donation of seven million masks to various EU countries, including Germany, is an aid at the right time, which we accept with great gratitude. ”
19. fight with all their might 用盡他們的全力對抗
20. take a number of wise measures 採取一系列明智的措施
21. prevent someone/something from something 預防
22. take decisive action 採取果決的行動
23. responsible authorities 相關單位
24. deserve our respect 值得我們尊敬
25. develop into 發展為
26. know-how 知識;專業技術
27. specific medical goods 特定醫療用品
28. make available to 提供給
29. accept with great gratitude 極其感激地接受
V. Netherlands Trade and Investment Office – NTIO 荷蘭貿易暨投資辦事處
As COVID-19 spread around the world, frontline medical staff in the Netherlands have been facing shortage of surgical masks for quite some time. They often had to use one mask with multiple patients or to even buy masks usually used for construction work. We thank Taiwan for your willingness to share such precious resources in the most difficult times of the world and donate large amounts of surgical masks to the Netherlands and cooperate with Dutch manufacturers of medical equipment and immunity-related biotech organizations.
Together, we can get through this.
30. spread around 擴散
31. frontline medical staff 前線的醫護人員
32. face shortage 面臨短缺
33. quite some time (已經過了)一段時間
34. willingness to share 願意分享
35. precious resources 珍貴的資源
36. the most difficult time 最困難的時刻
37. Together, we can get through this. 唯有通力合作,我們才能共度難關。
VI. Belgian Office Taipei 比利時臺北辦事處
President Tsai has announced that Taiwan will donate 10 million surgical masks to countries fighting the covid-19 pandemic, including Belgium and Europe. We are very grateful for Taiwan’s kind and generous offer and look forward to working on further details with the Taiwanese authorities.
38. fight the pandemic 對抗傳染病
39. grateful for 感謝
40. look forward to 期待
VII. Australian Office in Taipei 澳洲駐臺辦事處
Thank you, Taiwan. In facing this global COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to work with you to keep open the supply of critical inputs to our medical systems, bolstering health outcomes for our people.
41. face (v.) 面對;面臨;必須對付(難題)
42. be pleased to… 很高興能⋯⋯
43. work with you 與你(們)合作
44. keep open 保持開放、暢通
45. the supply of… ⋯⋯的供應
46. critical input 重要輸入;關鍵性(能源、資金或資訊的)輸入
47. medical system 醫療系統
48. bolster health outcomes 加強健康的成果



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