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Here are more free classes from Harvard while we are stuck at home waiting for school to reopen! The following are seven courses that will help prepare you for the challenges of today’s dynamic and fast-changing world.

當我們被困在家等待學校重新開放時,有更多來自哈佛大學的免費課程提供給大家! 這裡提供七項課程來幫助大家,應對來自當今這充滿活力與快速變化的世界的挑戰。


1. Introduction to Computer Science 電腦科學導論

Knowing how to code is a vital skill in in today’s digital world. This entry level course teaches the basics of computational thinking, programming problem solving, data structures, and web development, among other things. It will leave the learner able to code in several languages including C, Python, and Java.

在當今的數位世界中,知曉如何編碼乃是至關重要的技能。 本入門課程教授運算思維、程式編寫與問題解決、資料結構和網頁開發等基礎知識。 它將使學習者能夠使用多種程式語言包括C,Python和Java進行編碼。


2. The Architectural Imagination 建築的想像力

Art and science are often viewed in opposition to one another, but in the field of architecture they meet in fantastic and beautiful ways. In this class, students will learn both the technical and cultural aspects of architecture, and gain a better understanding of how the buildings we inhabit relate to history, values, and pragmatic concerns.



3. Super-Earths and Life 超級地球與生命

What life lies beyond our small world? Thirty years ago we only knew about nine planets; today we know of thousands nearby stars. In this course, students will learn about exoplanets, which ones might be the best candidates for harboring life, and why those planets are of the greatest interest. Combining concepts in astronomy and biology which have rarely been put together before, the class is an excellent introduction to one of the most interesting eras in astrobiology; today.

在我們的小小世界之外,還有什么生命存在? 三十年前,我們只知道九大行星。 如今,我們知道附近有數千顆恆星在沿著軌道運行著。 在本課程中,學生將學習系外行星的知識,哪些可能是庇護生命的最佳選擇,以及為什麼這些行星最受關注。該課程將天文學和生物學的概念相結合乃少有前例,這堂導論在如今這個天文生物學領域中最有趣的時代之一是極精彩的。


4. Leaders of Learning 學習的領導者

How do you learn? Why do you learn? Can you name three people who would share your answers? In this class, students will identify their own style of learning and find out how that style fits into the ever-changing landscape of education. Later lectures focus on how to apply that knowledge to leadership, organizational structure, and the future of learning.

你如何學習? 你為什麼要學習? 你能說出三個可以分享答案的人嗎? 在本課程中,學生將辨認自己的學習風格,並了解該風格如何適應不斷變化的教育環境。 後段課程聚焦於如何將這些知識應用於領導力、組織結構和未來。


5. Using Python for Research 運用Python於研究

Do you want to learn to code, and then learn how to actually use it? In this course, students will review the basics of the Python coding language and then learn how to apply that knowledge to research projects by means of tools such as NumPy and SciPy. This class is an intermediate level course, and a basic understanding of the Python language is ideal before beginning.

你想學習編碼,然後學習如何實際使用它嗎?在本課程中,學生將回顧Python編碼語言的基礎知識,然後學習如何通過NumPy和SciPy等工具將這些知識應用於研究計畫。 該課程是中級課程,在上課之前對Python語言有基本的了解為佳。


6. American Government 美國政府

The federal government of the United States can seem like a far off and alien system, one which acts in strange ways; but it is a powerful force in the life of every American. To not understand how it works, and your place in it as a citizen and voter, is to be an irresponsible citizen. This course introduces students to the function, history, institutions, and inner workings of American government. No previous study or understanding of American politics is required, making the course ideal for non-American students who want to understand what exactly is going on there.

美國聯邦政府看起來像個運作方式奇特,遙不可及的陌生體系。 但在每個美國人生活中這是一股強大的力量。 如果不了解它是如何運作的,以及自己作為公民和選民在其中所處的位置,會成為不負責任的公民。 本課程向學生介紹美國政府的職能、歷史、機構及其內部運作。 無需對美國政治的事前學習與了解,使該課程成為想要了解美國到底發生了什麼的非美國學生的理想選擇。


7. Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster 人道主義對衝突與災難的應對

We live in a world with staggering humanitarian crises, and responses to them that are often lacking. In this class, students will ask questions on how to deal with humanitarian disasters through the case studies of Zaire, Syria, The Balkans, and elsewhere. The history of humanitarian responses, and the frameworks that those responses past and present operate in, will be covered as well, and students will be challenged to ask if they remain sufficient.

我們生活在充滿令人震驚的人道主義危機的世界中,而對這些危機往往缺乏應對。 在本課程中,學生將通過薩伊、敘利亞、巴爾幹地區和其他地區的案例研究,提出有關如何應對人道主義災難的問題。本課程還將涵蓋人道主義應對的歷史以及過去與現在的應對所運行的框架,並且挑戰學生去提出這些應對是否足夠。


美國名校的免費線上課程 (MOOCs)


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