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Taiwan Fund for Children and Families 家扶基金會

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活動截止日期: 06.24.2020

EDIT: 活動已經圓滿結束,謝謝大家的愛心 (捐款收據已放在留言區): https://bit.ly/3hjvaP5



In Taiwan, two out of every ten people in poverty are children. According to statistics from the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, approximately 4-6% of children will be born into families suffering from poverty. They don’t have enough food and nutrition, lack protection and care, and grow up to fall into the vicious cycle of poverty. “There is no simple solution to poverty.” From the long-term observation of the YongLin Education Foundation, 100 children have 100 different stories. There is no simple solution to their problem. “You have to help every child achieve his or her happiness.” Get close to them, listen to them, and lend them a helping hand.

1. suffer from poverty 陷於貧窮
2. according to 根據
3. lack proper nutrition缺乏適當的營養
4. the vicious cycle of poverty 貧困的惡性循環
5. there is no simple solution 沒有單一的解決方式
6. long-term observation 長期觀察
7. lend someone a helping hand 像某人伸出援手



The 23-year-old Liang-chin Chen once worked four jobs as a child. When in junior high school, his parents failed in their business venture and were frequent by loan sharks who often came to collect debts. They borrowed NT$300,000, but with rolling interests, their debt accumulated into the millions. His family lived in metal shacks, and all their hard-earned cash was given to underground loan sharks. “I earn my own living expenses, and I went to sell mantou (Chinese steamed buns) at moving night markets for NT$5 apiece. When business was good, I would earn NT$400, and the whole family would be able to fill their bellies the next day.” Once when he was in the seventh grade, a gang member came to his house and scolded him: If you don’t have money, why do you bother to study? Why not go out and make some money?!

8. business venture 商業冒險、事業投機
9. loan shark 放高利貸者
10. collect debts 討債
11. rolling interest 滾利
12. metal shacks 鐵皮屋
13. hard-earned cash 辛苦錢
14. fill their bellies填飽他們的肚子
15. scold (v.) 責罵,責備
16. a gang member 黑道成員
17. bother to 努力,盡力;費心*


*bother to: https://bit.ly/2Y676IH


In this environment, Liang-chin Chen could not care less about school work, focusing only on working part-time jobs to make ends meet. He lived this way until his high school teacher convinced him that “studying holds the greater value” by showing him how he can receive scholarships through good grades. It’s more cost-effective than selling mantou. Liang-chin Chen climbed from the bottom of a remote high school to the top of his class in a national university. His university even helped him pay back the loan sharks through scholarships. He is currently a postgraduate student at National Cheng Kung University. This year, Liang-chin Chen is teaching elders how to exercise in Tainan’s remote areas. “I don’t have the money to contribute back to society and to help others, so I will use my skills and abilities to help elders in the community.” Liang-chin Chen is also a lecturer for Fubon Charity Foundation’s Youth from Disadvantaged Family Program.

18. could not care less abt sth (表示強調)一點也不在乎某事 (這裡指自暴自棄)*
19. make ends meet 勉強維持生計
20. cost-effective 有成本效益的;物有所值的;合算的,划算的
21. contribute back to 回饋給
22. disadvantaged 處於劣勢的,處於不利地位的

*could not care less: https://bit.ly/3ft0UjR



Liang-chin Chen is a paragon of the charity’s efforts to invite homegrown talents back to local comminutes in Tainan. Always smiling and speaking Taiwanese with elders, Liang-chin Chen can empathize with poverty-stricken children in remote regions. “I was a kid who grew up in a metal shack, but I met so many remarkable people who helped me during my studies. Do not be ashamed of your roots. Work to achieve your goals 10, 20 years from now, and you can do it. I am a living example of what one can accomplish.”

23. a paragon of 完人,盡善盡美的模範(或典型)
24. homegrown talents 在地的優異人才
25. local communities 在地社區
26. poverty-stricken 貧困的,一貧如洗的
27. remote regions 偏鄉地區
28. remarkable people 貴人
29. don’t be ashamed of 不需要以…為恥,不用為…感到不好意思
30. one’s roots 一個人的出身



貧窮解方 Solutions to Poverty

Help poverty-stricken children outside the system

Use local talents to reduce talent loss

Contribute back to the community from which we came

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