💰 Gold has piqued the interest of Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway Inc. BRK.B -0.60% has bought shares in Canadian mining company Barrick Gold Corp. The move brings the spotlight back on the precious metal, which notched new records this month, soaring above $2,000 a troy ounce for the first time in New York trading. The price of gold has jumped 30% in 2020—outstripping the rally in the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index—in a bull run that began in late 2018 and has gathered momentum during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. piqued the interest of 激起;刺激…的興趣
2. share (n.) 股票;股份
3. a mining company 礦業公司
4. precious metal 貴金屬
5. notch (v.) 贏得 ; notch something  up phrasal verb
to achieve something, especially a victory or a particular total or score: https://bit.ly/2YmZbpX
6. soar (v.) above 猛增;暴漲高於
7. troy ounce 金衡盎司(31.1048公克);金衡啢
8. outstrip (在數量、程度或成就上)超過,勝過
9. Nasdaq Composite Index 納斯達克綜合指數
10. a bull market 牛市
11. the coronavirus pandemic 新冠病毒全球大流行疫情



💰Why are gold prices soaring?

The main reason is this year’s precipitous drop in yields on U.S. Treasurys to levels below the expected pace of inflation. Unlike bonds or bank deposits, gold doesn’t pay any income. As a result, owning gold means missing out on yields from other assets when interest rates are high. When real yields are negative, gold’s lack of yield becomes a strength.

12. a precipitous drop  大幅下跌
13. yield (n.) 收益 ; (v.) 產生;出產;得出
14. inflation 通貨膨脹
15. bonds 債券;公債
16. deposit(尤指銀行帳戶的)存款




💰Will gold prices keep rising?

Gold prices tend to overshoot, according to Fergal O’Connor, an economist at University College Cork who has studied the market’s history. Still, he expects them to fall back to a higher level than they were before the pandemic because institutional investors are adding to their gold holdings, removing a chunk of available supply. The return of jewelry demand in China and India could also boost prices.

17. tend to 傾向;易於;往往會
18. overshoot (v.) 超過;超越
19. economist 經濟學家
20. fall back to 後退;撤退到
21. institutional investor 機構的投資者
22. a chunk of ……的很大一部分
23. boost 推動;促進

💰 金價還會繼續上漲嗎?



💰Is gold a commodity or a currency?

Both. Gold is a commodity in that it derives its value, in part, from its use in products like jewelry. Gold is also a currency. For millennia, the metal has functioned as a store of value, unit of account and medium of exchange. Bullion played a foundational role in the monetary system from 1717, when Isaac Newton, master of England’s Mint, established a price ratio between gold and silver, to 1971, when President Nixon ended the convertibility of dollars into the precious metal. Though gold stopped underpinning exchange rates after the “Nixon Shock,” the metal still plays a part in currency markets.

24. commodity 商品;日用品
25. currency 貨幣
26. millennia 一千年;千周年
27. a medium of exchange 交易的媒介
28. bullion 金銀條;金銀塊
29. play an important role/part in 在……中起重要的作用 ; 在……扮演重要的角色
30. monetary system 貨幣體系;貨幣制度
31. mint (n.) 鑄幣廠 ; (v.) 鑄造(硬幣)
32. a price ratio 價格比
33. convertibility 可兌性
34. underpin (v.) 支撐;加強;鞏固;構成(基礎)






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