Xi’s Post-Virus Economic Strategy for China Looks Inward

What do you guys think about this? Is it an effective policy? Why or why not?



He inspected fields of corn amid jitters about food supplies. He visited steel works trying to overcome a slump in profits. He toured an innovation center at a time when President Trump has raised barriers against China’s technological takeoff. China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has used his recent trips to highlight a warning: The country must retool its economy to be more self-sustaining in a post-pandemic world of uncertainty, weakened demand and hostility. 

1. inspect 檢視;審查

2. jitters(極度的)緊張不安;恐慌

3. steel works 鋼廠

4. a slump in profits 利潤下滑

5. tour (v.) 巡視

6. technological takeoff 技術起飛

7. retool 改組;重新裝備

8. self-sustaining 自給自足

9. a post-pandemic world 一個後大流行疫情的世界

10. hostility 敵意;敵視



China needs its people to spend more and its manufacturers to be more innovative, Mr. Xi has said, to ease dependence on fickle foreign economies. Most pressing, official media comments on Mr. Xi’s strategy have said, China must be ready for sustained acrimony with the United States that could put at risk its access to American consumers, investors and know-how.

11. manufacturer 製造商;生產商(生產大批商品的企業)

12. ease dependence on 減少對……的依賴

13. fickle foreign economies 變化無常的外國經濟

14. pressing (adj.) 緊迫的;迫切的

15. official media 官方媒體

16. sustained acrimony 持久的惡意

17. know-how 技能知識;專門知識;技術訣竅



Mr. Xi has called his new initiative a “dual circulation” strategy. The grandly technocratic name, which he first used in May, means China should rely on a robust cycle of domestic demand and innovation as the main driver of the economy while maintaining foreign markets and investors as a second engine of growth.

18. initiative 倡議;新措施

19. dual circulation 雙循環

20. technocratic name 技術官僚名稱

21. a robust cycle 一個強健的循環

22. domestic demand 國內需求(內需)

23. main driver 主要的驅動力

24. a second engine of growth 成長的第二個引擎



Mr. Xi’s new strategy demands to be taken seriously, even if its implications are still hazy. He has cast it as a security imperative to keep China growing in an era of global turbulence, and that new geopolitical urgency will raise pressure on officials to show results.

25. be taken seriously 認真對待

26. implication 含意

27. hazy 模糊不清的

28. a security imperative 一項安全重要性

29. global turbulence 全球動盪

30. new geopolitical urgency 新地緣政治的迫切感



Mr. Xi often orchestrates policy drives by first issuing sweeping commands, leaving subordinates to hammer out detailed proposals. In 2015, he launched “supply-side structural reform” to cut bloated industrial capacity, and it evolved from a catchphrase to a campaign that bore results.


31. orchestrate 精心安排;用心策劃

32. issuing sweeping commands 發布廣泛的命令

33. subordinate 下屬;下級

34. hammer sth out(爭論或討論後)達成(協定或解決辦法)

35. detailed proposals 詳細的提案

36. supply-side structural reform 供給側結構性改革

37. bloated industrial capacity 過剩的工業產能

38. catchphrase 標語;流行語;名言







文字轉語音檔案: https://bit.ly/2Yw0yD



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