[時事英文] 泰國君主制權威面臨挑戰

“We are going to fight for democracy, fight for freedom, fight for the equality of us as human beings,” a protest leader popularly known as Justin Samutprakan said on Wednesday. “We will not bow, prostrate, crawl ever again.”
「我們會為民主,為自由,為我們作為人的平等而戰,」一位通常被稱為賈斯汀·薩穆特拉坎(Justin Samutprakan)的抗議領袖週三表示。「我們再也不會低頭、伏地、匍匐了。」
For months now, pro-democracy protesters have gathered by the thousands to call for reforms to the monarchy and military, influential institutions that have dominated Thailand’s power structure for decades.
1. pro-democracy protesters 民主抗議者
2. call for reforms 要求改革
3. monarchy 君主制
4. dominate 主導
5. power structure 權力結構
But the royal limousine’s route on Wednesday was the first time that members of the nuclear royal family had gotten such a close look at the faces of Thais who are openly questioning the monarchy’s exalted position in the country. Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun and some of his immediate family — including the queen, who is his fourth wife, and his youngest son, the heir apparent — live most of the year in Germany.
6. nuclear family 核心家庭
7. get a closer look at 更距離地看到
8. openly question 公開質疑
9. exalted position 崇高的地位
10. immediate family 直系親屬
11. an heir apparent 法定繼承人;當然繼承人, (職位的)確定接替者,確定接班人
但王室豪華轎車在週三的行駛線路,讓核心王室成員第一次如此近距離地看到這些公開質疑高高在上的君主的泰國人。泰國國王瑪哈·哇集拉隆功·博丁德拉德巴亞瓦朗格昆(King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun)和他的一些直系親屬——包括王后(他的第四任妻子)以及作為繼承人的小兒子——今年大部分時間都在德國生活。
The simple act of a royal motorcade driving near an antigovernment protest might not seem a watershed moment. But Thailand is no ordinary constitutional monarchy. It is bound by some of the world’s strictest lèse-majesté laws criminalizing criticism of the crown. During public occasions, Thais are expected to stand for an anthem praising some of the richest royals on the planet. When politicians are given an audience with the king, they typically prostrate themselves and crawl forward in a sideways slither.
12. a watershed moment 重要的轉折點*
13. constitutional monarchy 君主立憲制國家
14. be bound by… 受…的約束
15. criminalize 定…爲非法
16. criticism of the crown 批評國王/王室
17. anthem 國歌;(團體組織的)頌歌,讚歌
18. prostrate (尤指因順從或拜神而)俯臥的,匍伏的,拜倒的
But as the protest movement has strengthened over the past three months, taboos surrounding the monarchy have fallen in rapid succession. In Parliament, opposition legislators are demanding an investigation of royal budgets. (After his father’s death in 2016, King Maha Vajiralongkorn took personal control of the crown’s assets.)
19. strengthen 增強,加強;鞏固 ; 加劇
20. fall in rapid succession 迅速地消失,下降
21. demand an investigation 要求進行調查
22. take personal control 個人控制;個人操控
“We are going to fight for democracy, fight for freedom, fight for the equality of us as human beings,” a protest leader popularly known as Justin Samutprakan said on Wednesday. “We will not bow, prostrate, crawl ever again.”
“As humans, no one is bigger than anyone,” he added. “No one has power more than others.”
23. fight for the equality 為人的平等而戰
24. We will not bow, prostrate, crawl ever again. 我們再也不會低頭、伏地、匍匐了。
「我們會為民主,為自由,為我們作為人的平等而戰,」一位通常被稱為賈斯汀·薩穆特拉坎(Justin Samutprakan)的抗議領袖週三表示。「我們再也不會低頭、伏地、匍匐了。」
Late on Wednesday night, a spokesman for the prime minister’s office said that Mr. Prayuth had instructed the police to take action against those who interrupt royal motorcades or engage in any other acts considered insulting to the monarchy.
25. instruct the police 指示警察
26. take action against… 對…採取行動
Early on Thursday, the government ordered a ban on gatherings of five or more people in Bangkok, an official document said, according to Reuters, and the protesters who had occupied the space outside the prime minister’s office were cleared out by the police, according to the news agency.
27. a ban on gatherings 禁止集會
28. occupy the space 佔領場地,空間
The protesters have called for a new charter and for fresh elections, after a national vote last year that was dismissed by some international observers as neither free nor fair.
29. call for a new charter 呼籲制定新憲章
30. be dismissed by… 被…認為無效的,不予理會
31. neither free nor fair 既不自由也不公正
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