A Christmas Story 一個聖誕節的故事

There is much good in the world. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



About a week ago, I saw a family receiving help from a charity. The volunteer gave them secondhand clothes and a pair of shoes for a little girl. Her father thanked the volunteer while the little girl looked so happy and stomped around in her new shoes. It deeply touched me. How fortunate I am to live in the comfort of my home without needing to worry about food or clothes on these cold winter days. It also reminded me of my childhood.



When I was younger, my family was also disadvantaged, and I relied on government aid just to be able to eat lunch. I still remember wearing secondhand clothes that don’t fit and gluing my shoes together because the sole would detach whenever I ran too fast. Now, I have my own educational platform, live a comfortable life, and have a tiny bit of influence. I can and must do much more to help.



I began researching possible ways to contribute to needy children, who honestly do not need English learning more than they need food in their bellies and a coat on their shoulders.



Taiwan has a comparatively low poverty rate, partly due to government efforts and its definition of poverty as being low-income. However, what of those not listed in the government tax records? What about those without a roof over their heads? Even when a family is making what is considered the poverty line—anywhere from 170 to 350 USD per month depending on the area—they still suffer from the lack of resources. Think of how much you are currently earning. Would a family of four or five be able to survive on that if they did not have housing?



I came across a charity program and was inspired by the following (now defunct) charity fundraiser.


We are five international exchange students at NTU who feel welcomed to Taiwan with open arms. In the spirit of the generosity and warmth of the Taiwanese people, we would like to give back by partnering with Andrew Charity Association to provide children in the Taipei area with Christmas gifts in addition to their monthly food boxes delivered by Andrew Charity Association.




The food boxes from Andrew Food Bank are what these children look forward to the most every month. With the Christmas holidays coming up very soon, we hope to give them another reason to smile in addition to their boxes of food…something small but enough to surprise them and let them know that someone out there cares about them.



I contacted Andrew Food Bank asked them the procedure for donation. I then researched the organization before thinking about what I could do to help.



Of course, I could start crowdfunding like the original fundraiser, but with Christmas so close, that would take far too long. I needed funding immediately, and then a Christmas miracle happened.



That night, out of nowhere, I saw a picture of a sponge scrubber exceeding my new book in sales, so I thought it would be humorous to post the picture with a link to the book. That very night, we sold about 600 books! Now I have the funding needed to purchase about 150 gifts! I only make a percentage of the total revenue, so I decided to donate double of all my proceeds from the sale to purchase gifts in addition to the food boxes for these disadvantaged children. It’s my small way of saying Merry Christmas to you and giving a little warmth to the needy.



The most basic principle of education is caring for those around you and letting them know you care, whether they are your family, friends, or total strangers.



I am not asking you to donate. Instead, let us just remember this principle of caring. Bring a little warmth into other people’s lives. There are many who need your help, and we’re all capable of giving so much love and care.


There is much good in the world. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



安得烈慈善協會: http://www.chaca.org.tw/

Eric’s English Lounge 宗旨與目標: https://bit.ly/2BaENzJ





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