The GameStop Saga 遊戲驛站的傳奇


Depending on whom you ask, the GameStop saga is either a cautionary story about a bunch of reckless nerds destabilizing the stock market for laughs in a way that is likely to backfire on them spectacularly, or a David-and-Goliath morality tale about a fearless band of retail investors cleverly putting one over on corrupt financial elites. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

• depend on 取決於
• saga 傳奇 ; (通常指負面的)系列事件,一長串事件
• a cautionary story 發人警醒的故事
• destabilize the stock market 破壞股市的穩定
• for laughs 為了看笑話
• backfire (計劃)產生適得其反的結果,產生反效果
• retail investor 散戶投資者
• put one over on sb 欺騙(某人),哄騙(某人)
• corrupt financial elites 腐敗的金融精英



In any reading, the most unusual thing about Wall Street’s being challenged by a rowdy band of Redditors is that it took so long to happen. This kind of populist revolt — internet-based insurgents gleefully pulling down the pants of the unsuspecting establishment — has been happening for years, to many powerful institutions.

• reading (n.) 理解方法;解讀方法;解釋
• a rowdy band of… 一群喧鬧的…
• populist revolt 民粹主義的反抗
• insurgent 叛亂分子
• gleefully 興高采烈地
• the unsuspecting establishment 毫無戒心的建制派
• powerful institutions 強大的體系



These online crusades can be waged in good faith or in bad faith, and some can become deeply destructive. But the best ones can jolt the status quo in useful ways: exposing injustice, challenging outdated norms or merely putting indolent gatekeepers on notice.

• online crusades 網路聖戰
• wage (v.) 發動(戰爭);組織,籌備(活動)
• in good faith 真誠地,誠實地 ; 善意的
• deeply destructive 深具破壞力的
• the status quo 現狀
• expose injustice 揭露不公
• challenge outdated norms 挑戰過時的規範
• indolent 懶散的;懶惰的
• gatekeepers 看門人,管門人 ; (有權決定誰可以得到資源和機會的)看守者




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