How a Deadly Power Game Undid Myanmar’s Democratic Hopes 翁山蘇姬與軍方的權力遊戲:緬甸的民主希望是如何破滅的


The wrenching collapse of Myanmar’s once-celebrated democratic opening had many witting and unwitting accomplices along the way. But its central driver, activists and experts say, was a yearslong power struggle between the military and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s civilian leader.

• wrenching 極為痛苦、難受的
• the collapse of ~的崩解、慘敗
• once-celebrated (adj.) 一度令人鼓舞的
• unwitting accomplices 不知情的、無意的的同謀
• the central driver 主要推動力
• power struggle 權力鬥爭
• civilian leader 文職領導人

緬甸曾經一度令人鼓舞的民主開端遭受慘敗,在這個過程中有許多因素有意或無意地鑄成了這一結果。但是,活動人士和專家說,它的主要推動力是軍方與該國文職領導人翁山蘇姬(Aung San Suu Kyi)之間多年來的權力鬥爭。


Democratic transitions can be a messy business. Old regimes tend to surrender power slowly, piece by piece. In a transitional phase that might last decades, the authoritarian and democratic systems often operate side by side. If they stay on tolerably good terms, with a shared understanding of their eventual destination, they have a chance to make it.

• a democratic transition 民主過渡
• a messy business 亂七八糟或棘手的事情
• old regimes 舊的政權
• a transitional phase 過渡階段
• an authoritarian system 威權制度
• stay on good terms 保持良好關係



The collapse is in one way a harsh lesson in the grinding difficulty of managing a peaceful transition to democracy from dictatorship — a rarer and rarer phenomenon in this age of retrenching authoritarians and backsliding democracies. But it is also a case of difficult personalities and recalcitrant institutions that proved unwilling or unable to go the distance.

• a harsh lesson 一個慘痛的教訓
• a peaceful transition 和平轉換、過渡
• dictatorship 獨裁、專政
• a rare phenomenon 罕見的現象
• retrenching authoritarians 裁撤威權主義者
• difficult personalities 強硬的性格
• go the distance 堅持到底





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