Anti-Asian Racism Isn’t New 針對亞裔的種族主義並不新鮮

[時事英文] Anti-Asian Racism Isn’t New 針對亞裔的種族主義並不新鮮


The United States has had a surge in violence against Asian-Americans during the pandemic. Between March and December 2020, Stop AAPI Hate, an initiative that tracks and responds to reported incidents of violence and discrimination directed at Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, received more than 2,800 reports of incidents against Asian-Americans. Stop AAPI Hate also found that women are twice as likely as men to report coronavirus-related harassment.

•a surge in ~的激增
•initiative (n.) 組織;倡議;主動性
•incidents of violence and discrimination 暴力與歧視事件
•be twice as likely as (可能性)是~的兩倍
•coronavirus-related harassment 和新冠病度相關騷擾的

大流行期間,在美國,針對亞裔美國人的暴力激增。在2020年3月至12月期間,追蹤和回應針對亞裔美國人和太平洋島民的暴力與歧視事件的組織Stop AAPI Hate收到了超過2800例針對亞裔美國人的事件報告。Stop AAPI Hate還發現,報告和新冠病毒相關騷擾的女性是男性的兩倍。


The recent spate of attacks is targeting the most vulnerable members of our community. Two assailants slapped an 89-year-old woman in the face and set her shirt on fire in Brooklyn last fall. In January, an 84-year-old man died after he was brutally attacked while on a morning walk in San Francisco. This week a 52-year-old woman waiting in line outside a bakery in Flushing, Queens, was rushed to the hospital after she was violently shoved and blacked out.

•assailant 攻擊者
•the recent spate of attacks 最近大量突發、接連發生的攻擊
•the most vulnerable members 最脆弱的成員
•be brutally attacked 被殘暴地襲擊
•black out 暈倒;暫時失去知覺



In 1992, my father left his job as a professor in China in pursuit of the rights and equality touted by our nation’s founders. Nearly three decades later, he hesitates each time he leaves his home. And yet, when I asked him about it over Lunar New Year, he showed no signs of resignation, choosing to believe instead that things will get better. As he often said to me growing up, no matter what came our way: America can be good.

•in pursuit of 為了追求~
•rights and equality 權利與平等
•tout (v.) 宣揚;讚揚
•show no signs of resignation 沒有表現出放棄的跡象






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